Client Testimonials : Empathic Counselling

I’ve been seeing Sasha for a year now, and the level of care and gentle guidance she provides within each session is truly second to none. She creates a wonderful safe space to work with clients in achieving their personal goals, and I could tell that she is very passionate about her work surrounding mental health. My mental health has significantly improved since using her services, and my only regret is that I wish I had booked in sooner. I definitely look forward to more sessions in the future.”

“Sasha is a professional and attentive counsellor. Rapport was easily established in the first session. She is trauma-informed and non-judgemental. Sasha definitely provides a safe space to share.”

“Sasha is a warm and caring counsellor. I felt that she really listened to me and empathised with me. She also gave me some useful and practical tools, that have helped me a lot.”

“I felt immediately relaxed meeting Sasha. Her calm disposition and the safety I felt to share and explore my stories, is really what I needed at that point in my life. Thank you Sasha. Lots of reflecting done after our chats and things have fallen into place.”

“My partner and I, as silly as it sounds enjoyed going to Sasha for our couples counselling, as she really listens and is able to connect with both parties. We had a great experience as both of us felt heard and we were able to work through some of our pressing issues with the tools and support given. We have both found it hard to find the right counsellor previously, and Sasha just worked so well with both of us. As daunting as couples counselling can be, we have come out to a happier and healthier relationship and will continue to use the tools given to us for time to come.”

“Highly recommended!!!! Beginning counselling can be overwhelming but I was instantly comfortable with Sasha. She provides a safe place not only physically but emotionally and I am happy at how much progress we made in such a short time. If you are looking for someone understanding, empathetic and truly amazing in her role you have come to the right place.”

“Sasha is just wonderful. She listens and guides me in the right direction. I’ve never felt so comfortable talking to someone about my issues, I always feel heard and respected. Thank you Sasha, you’re amazing!”

**Client names have not been included in order to maintain client confidentiality as per the ACA Code of Ethics and Practice.