Counselling for Parenting Challenges : Empathic Counselling

Becoming a parent is an amazing experience and brings a lot of joy and love to our lives. However, parenting is hard work! As our children grow and reach different milestones, we must grow with them and learn how to parent at all of the ages and stages they go through! This is not easy, and it is only natural that we may struggle at times or feel that we are not doing a good enough job.

Empathic Counselling has experience supporting parents with parenting challenges, and can help you to:

  • Develop and prioritise self-care and self-compassion in order to reduce stress, and create a more balanced life.
  • Challenge unhelpful thoughts that impact on how you see yourself as a parent.
  • Develop practical and effective ways to manage anxiety, anger and overwhelm.
  • Discover your values and how to parent more in alignment with them.
  • Establish and maintain boundaries with your children and other family members/friends.
  • Improve your confidence as a parent.

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